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Getting To Know: Christian Congregation Harbor Ministries (CCHM)

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 10:44 AM | Deleted user

A brief summary of your services will tell us…

Christian Congregation Harbor Ministries (CCHM) is dedicated to caring for the unique needs of mariners. We focus on providing spiritual, mental, and emotional support for those who have been separated from their families for lengthy periods of time. Our goal is to encourage mariners to learn and apply Bible principles, which in turn will improve the quality of their lives.

Topics that interest many include how to improve their family life (while at sea and when returning home), what qualities can contribute to good relationships with other crew members, and how to cultivate spirituality and their relationship with God despite changes in personal circumstances. The Bible provides the basis for the advice our ministers share with others.

What regions do you serve?

CCHM serves ports worldwide. Locally, over 60 approved ministers are boarding cargo vessels to offer this service free of charge in the Port of Charleston. We visit the main terminals at Wando, North Charleston, and Columbus Street, as well as private terminals.

What might surprise me about CCHM?

The vast number of languages we cover. Our ministers look to provide Bibles and Bible literature in the native language of the individuals they meet. The printed information is provided at no cost and is available in over 750 languages, while digital publications and videos are available on our website in over 900 languages. Our ministers themselves speak several different languages and enjoy meeting the many men and women working on cargo ships around the world.

How do you attract and retain a dedicated workforce that is able to support all of your customers’ needs?

Our ministers are all volunteers who have expressed a personal desire to share in this work. They volunteer their time and support this work by covering their own expenses because of their genuine interest in their fellow man.

What are some of CCHM’s proudest accomplishments?

The countless times when mariners have expressed their sincere gratitude for the much needed encouragement and the answers given to lifelong questions that the Bible has an answer to.



 4500 Leeds Ave, Suite 207
   N. Charleston, SC  29405

     4500 Leeds Ave, Suite 207
   N. Charleston, SC  29405

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