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USCG Sector Charleston Storm Preparedness Planning for Self-Propelled Oceangoing Vessels

Thursday, August 27, 2020 3:38 PM | Anonymous

Preparedness Planning for Self-Propelled Oceangoing Vessels

Over 500 GT

The owner, operator or agent of the vessel must submit in writing or orally a mooring plan for acceptance by the Captain of the Port. Vessels remaining in port must have their decks clear of missile hazards, potential pollution hazards, and flammable materials. All persons in charge must ensure that hatches are secured for heavy weather. The following information must be included in the mooring plan submission.

Vessel Information

1. Name, call sign, and official number of vessel.

2. Nationality of the vessel.

3. Name of the master.

4. Name, address, and phone number of the agent, charterer or operator, and owner.

5. Reason why the vessel is not leaving port.

6. Provide full vessel characteristics that would be needed to effect salvage.

7. Provide a full stowage plan and manifest to determine particular cargo and pollution hazards.

8. Provide 24 hour contact and information on qualified individuals who have been empowered in writing by the owners to make on-site decisions and authorize expenditures for any required pollution response or salvage.

9. Provide insurance disclosure to the Captain of the Port, and if moored to a facility, to the facility.



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     4500 Leeds Ave, Suite 207
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